Youth Author Program

The Youth Author Program is for students that love writing stories, poetry, and drawing pictures, while exploring different ways to enjoy reading books. In addition, YAP will provide opportunities for students and teachers, along with increasing the book selection in classrooms. (For grades 3rd through 5th and middle school.) 

YAP Events 

Classrooms need a larger selection of books. The Youth Author Program will not only raise money for classroom books, but also create an environment for students to promote reading and writing. 

~ YAP Film Festival “YAP students will create short films that promote reading, writing, and drawings, along with book trailers. The YAP Film Festival will give away awards for best film, best director, best actor, best supporting actor, best idea, and many more! ” 

~ YAP Plays “Based on stories in books,YAP students can be actors, directors, prop designers, and much more.” 

~ YAP Poetry and Art Show “YAP students can show off their poetry, drawings, and works of art!” 

~ YAP Night Out “Each grade level will have a night out, with music, dancing, games, prizes, and snacks! The event will raise additional money for books in classrooms.” 

~ YAP Award Show “Students are awarded per grade for their outstanding stories, poetry, drawings, and efforts made as aYAP!” 

~ YAP Summer Events will include a Middle Room Haunted House, AC Heroes Wipe-Out Summer Party, and Middle Room-Middle School Dance! 

Think Like An Author Workbook 

Are you a student that plans on becoming the next great author? 

YAP’s in all grade levels can purchase our specialty workbook that will help students “Think Like An Author” and build confidence in reading, storytelling, communication, while learning the secrets to being the next great author! (Cost of the workbook is only $5.00!) 

Jobs in YAP 

The Youth Author Program will provide opportunities for both students and teachers. 

~ Night Out Planner: “We are looking for students in each school and in each grade to help plan fun YAP Night Out Events. The salary is $10 per event with 50-149 guests, $25 per event with 150-249 guests, $50 per event with 250-499 guests, and $100 per event with 500 or more guests.” 

~ Teacher Representative: “Each school will have a teacher to represent YAP. If the teacher is involved with planning the Night Out Events, he/she will be paid per event, similar to the Night Out Planner.” 

~ Author Assistant: “We are looking for students to assist Ron Knight with classroom presentations and his book signing events. The salary is $7 per hour.”

YAP is free to join! Students must be in 3rd – 8th grade and attend school in Sarasota County, Manatee County, or Charlotte County. Any comments/questions, please email info@upauthors.com

YAP Goals: 

~ Promote the joy of reading and writing through special events. 

~ Provide a large selection of classroom books. 

~ Provide opportunities for students and teachers.


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