99 Signs Your Vacation Spot is Haunted


Are you on vacation or getting ready to leave? It might be possible your vacation destination is haunted!

Haunted Meter

Haunted HallwayThe likelihood of your vacation spot being haunted depends on how many items you mark off on your list. Here’s a guideline for you to follow:

0: Not Haunted. Enjoy Your Vacation

1-5: Slim chance that it’s haunted. It could all be a coincidence.

6-20: You might want to do a little more background on this place.

21-50: There’s definitely something not right with this place. Make sure to keep an eye on each other.

51-98: Stay at your own risk. It’s haunted!

99: GET OUT!!!

Is Your Vacation Spot Haunted?

Checkoff all that apply.

  1. The water in the sink or shower becomes scolding hot.
  2. Shadows on the wall look like skeleton fingers.
  3. Ghost Hunters are staying in the room next door.
  4. A rocking chair in the room, lobby, or anywhere begins to rock when no one is sitting on it.
  5. There’s a section in your vacation spot that’s strictly off limits, even to the staff.
  6. You find a VHS tape deep in the closet, in the bottom drawer, or under the bed. (Warning! Even if the VHS tape says, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, don’t trust it!)
  7. After the first night, you’re beginning to see visions. (Note: Someone in your group is seeing the same visions.)
  8. Your blankets continue to be pulled off during the night.
  9. The weakest person in your family, or weakest of friends starts to act strange.
  10. There’s a basement or cellar.
  11. You have to hunt for flashlights at any point on your trip.
  12. There’s an old, big, scary looking tree near you.
  13. If you discover that a person died in your room. It doesn’t matter if it was two days ago or two hundred years ago.
  14. There’s a cemetery within your viewing distance.
  15. Doors creak, rather than just open without any sound. (Bonus: Doors open on their own.)
  16. There’s a clown anywhere on the property, or clown dolls.clown
  17. The hallway is really long. (Bonus: The hallway is also creepy.)
  18. Any person with you has a mysterious nose bleed.
  19. The male role model, usually the father, begins to have an evil look in his eyes.
  20. Children are talking to toys, or closet doors. (Bonus: Electronic toys are randomly turning on.)
  21. Clocks keep stopping at the same time each night. (Bonus: If it’s 3:07 a.m., then run for your life!)
  22. Dogs won’t stop barking.
  23. A bird slams into your window.
  24. Pets in general can’t seem to relax.
  25. Electrical surges occur at random points, especially at night, causing the lights to flicker.
  26. Your TV suddenly becomes static and you hear a little girl talking.
  27. There’s an old black and white picture of a person who isn’t smiling.
  28. Someone with you on the trip begins to sleepwalk at night.
  29. Stains appear on the wall. (Note: When you or the staff clean the stain, it returns the next day.)
  30. If anyone with you becomes wide-eyed and says, “They’re coming.”
  31. One of the children suddenly has an imaginary friend that goes wherever you go.
  32. Cabinet doors and drawers are left open, even though you’re sure all of them have been closed. (Bonus: Cabinet doors and drawers fly open on their own while you’re in the room.)
  33. All the plants die.
  34. There’s a bad smell, or strange odor.
  35. Knocks on the wall. (Bonus: If there’s three knocks, don’t bother packing. Just leave and never come back!)
  36. There’s a porcelain doll anywhere on the property.Doll
  37. One of the staff members looks like they just walked off the set of a horror movie.
  38. A plastic ball, baseball, basketball, or any other kind of ball rolls across the floor on its own.
  39. Whenever you leave and come back, objects in the room randomly stack on a table.
  40. If any of the kids draw a creepy picture with crayons. (Actually, if any of the adults draw a creepy picture it’s double-creepy.)
  41. If any of the adults look at the wall while writing creepy sayings in a notebook.
  42. Everyone on the trip suddenly have bad tempers.
  43. There’s wallpaper. (Note: Anything under the wallpaper you don’t want to see. It’s why the wallpaper is still there!)
  44. While alone in the bathroom, you look in the mirror and see someone behind you.
  45. There’s strange words scratched inside the dresser drawer.
  46. When you’re outside at night, someone runs towards you, sprints past you, then keeps on running full speed until they disappear. (Question: What are they running from?)
  47. Every stranger seems to be looking at you as if they are attempting to decipher what’s in your soul.
  48. As you’re reading this, there’s a loud bang. (Note: If that happens, it wasn’t a coincidence. You should put this book down and leave!)
  49. There’s an elderly person on the property telling stories of_____ (Fill in the blank.)
  50. A mother and her son had just bought the place and are trying to fix it up. Meanwhile, they have plenty of rooms for you to stay and enjoy yourself.
  51. There’s someone outside the window looking in. You can’t quite see who it is, but they are there.
  52. There’s an old doll on display in the lobby, locked in a glass case that says, “Please Do Not Touch!”
  53. You have a sense that’s there something under the bed, or in the closet. (Note: It’s probably not your imagination.)
  54. There’s a psychic, or fortuneteller anywhere on the property. (Note: It doesn’t matter if they are staff members or guests. Beware of them!)
  55. At some point one of the staff members says, “When exploring, do not go off the main path.”
  56. There’s a tiny door in your room that leads to…well…it’s best not to know.
  57. If any part of the vacation spot has a museum dedicated to a surgeon or dentist. All of their old medical instruments are on display which includes scalpel, knives, forceps, suction instruments, needle holders…um…you get the point.
  58. If a local sheriff knocks on your door and begins to ask if you’ve seen anything strange while you’ve been on vacation.Strange Man with Shovel
  59. There’s a disturbed man on the property wearing overhauls. (Bonus: He always seems to be looking at you.)
  60. Old music is crackling over the speaker when you’re in the public restroom.


  1. If any female in your group suddenly becomes pregnant and is about to give birth in six days.
  2. There’s an old piano.
  3. A mysterious bad storm is approaching. (Actually, there’s probably nothing you can do about that, so buckle in.)
  4. Someone in the group wakes up with a bruise, but has no explanation on how it got there.
  5. Turn around! Is there a ghost behind you? If not, continue…
  6. If anyone in your group points to something in the distance and says, “What the hell is that!”
  7. A staff member informs you, “This place used to be_____.” (Top bad choices: Indian Reservation, Graveyard, Mental Institution, Home of Serial Killer, Wartime Hospital…you get the point.)
  8. The radio or television suddenly changes channels for no reason. (Note: What is playing on the channel? It could be important.)
  9. In the lobby is an aquarium. The fish all seem to favor one side.
  10. There’s an old gas station with a scary looking attendant who advises you to reconsider your vacation.
  11. There’s a full tub in the bathroom. Before you dismiss the idea, think about all the horror movies where something happens in a tub.
  12. In the lobby, there’s a shelf with one or more of the following games: Operation, Life, Clue, Connect Four, and especially Chutes & Ladders. Each one of these has a haunted history which is similar to playing Ouija.
  13. Scratching noises appear at random times, as if someone is carving a knife into the wood floor. (Note: It could be someone carving a knife into the wood floor.)
  14. Furniture is slightly moved from its spot. When you move it back, then return later, it’s once again moved.
  15. Small items such as rings, necklaces, cellphones, and toys disappear. Later you find them in a strange place, like a hole in the wall, the microwave, or under a bed.
  16. Unexplained shadows appear from the corner of your eye, but when you directly look, they disappear.PM 1
  17. You have a feeling that someone just touched you, followed by the hair raising on your arms. (Note: There might also be a feeling of cobwebs on your face.)
  18. Strange whispers, cries, mumbling, or other voices you can’t explain.
  19. The temperature in the room is really hot or really cold. It’s never the perfect temperature.
  20. An object suddenly moves as if it had been thrown. Examples are a picture from the wall or a candle from a table.
  21. There’s a strange mist seeping from the vent.
  22. You discover an old newspaper article about someone killed at your vacation spot. (Note: This is more powerful if the article was actually a newspaper, not some Google Search.)
  23. Bugs begin to appear and grow in numbers to the point where infestation is likely.
  24. You have the same bad nightmare for three nights or more. (Note: There’s a possibly the recurring nightmare started just before you left for vacation.)
  25. There’s a sudden cold breeze that quickly went by you. No windows or doors are open. (Bonus: The breeze slams a door shut.)
  26. An area, or room in the vacation spot makes you feel depressed.
  27. There’s an old well on the property that is off limits to guests.
  28. The area is suddenly filled with zombies. Just kidding. Let’s do number 88 over again.
  29. Seriously, the area is suddenly filled with zombies.
  30. Strange horror theme music is played when you walk alone in night.
  31. Okay, back to reality. The staff finds a dead body in the building’s water tank and doesn’t know how long it’s been there. Now all the guests who had been drinking water are infected and turn into zombies. (See number 88.)
  32. You are constantly woken up at night from a strange noise, or the feeling that someone is standing near your bed.
  33. There’s an old theatre near you. (Note: Theatres are hotbeds for haunted activity, which could make its way to the vacation spot.)
  34. You overhear two staff members talking and one of them uses the word, “Catacomb.”
  35. If there are puppets, ventriloquist dummies, or marionettes anywhere near you.
  36. One of the guest’s is wandering at night, talking to himself. (Note: Another strange thing is you notice a guest in the breakfast area, sitting in a chair, mumbling to himself, then standing up and sitting in another chair. He repeats this until he has sat in every chair…yep…weird.)
  37. Strange, thick liquid appears on the floor, wall, or ceiling, then floats towards you.
  38. When you look at the building from the outside, you swear someone is always looking back at you.
  39. If you have a room number that is any variation which adds up to 9, please be extra cautious. Examples are 108, 252, 315, 801…or…um…9.

Bonus! You encounter a malevolent spirit that wants to haunt your soul until you are dragged to the grave.

How many did you mark off? Keep this list for the next vacation you take!

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