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“Simple to read…hard to forget.”

Middle Room book series is a psychological thriller made just for middle grade students! Every middle school in the world has a Middle Room with terrifying powers, causing paranormal events to happen at the school, blurring the lines between what is real and what is imagination.

Middle Room is great!” ~ Riza Arevalo, 14-year-old from Singapore

“A great resource for Language Arts Teachers.” ~ The International Reading Association


“Simple to read…hard to forget.”

Are you in middle school and afraid of clowns? If so, you better not read this.

“I really enjoyed Middle Room and looking forward to reading Middle Room, The Bookmark.” ~ Nolan, Seventh Grader



“Simple to read…hard to forget.” In the aftercare at Rose Water Elementary School, four students have been chosen for an elite group. While in aftercare, their human bodies stay behind, while their cosmic bodies are transported around the world on dangerous missions. Originally, the nickname for this group was After Care Heroes.

Today, they are called…AC Heroes.

In their latest mission, the AC Heroes travel to the Jon-Raw World to save classic books from extinction.





“Simple to read…hard to forget.” Six principles of Untraditional Publishing: Confidence, Knowledge, Self-Discovery, Experience, Relationship Marketing, and Sales. Excel in these areas and you will have a successful author career. Download for FREE!








The Cover Up: Seventy-two employees at Bradburn Industries are held hostage.

The Plan: Eight of them will die.

The Heist: Sixty-four employees will escape unharmed with ninety-three million dollars each, along with formulas worth billions.

The Dilemma: A crime family, a high-ranking crooked cop, and a powerful CEO from a competitive company are pulling the strings in order to steal the money for themselves.

The Problem: Hostage Negotiator Marcus Cane uncovered the employees secret.


2-10_Cover UpdateHow can you control others by using the numbers, 2-10? More importantly, how can they control you?