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UP Authors Promotion Contest

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  December 14th, 2011  UP Authors Promotion Contest  UP Authors is an advisory company that supports authors in everything they do, from writing novels, marketing, and selling books. At the very least, UP Authors gives writers the confidence to last through the difficult times.  Every year, UP Authors holds a contest to help …

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Youth Author Program

The Youth Author Program is for students that love writing stories, poetry, and drawing pictures, while exploring different ways to enjoy reading books. In addition, YAP will provide opportunities for students and teachers, along with increasing the book selection in classrooms. (For grades 3rd through 5th and middle school.)  YAP Events  Classrooms need a larger …

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New Author Transformed into Untraditional Author

Here is an email I received from a new author that just read Untraditional Publishing. The simple act of changing her approach is what I believe benefits authors the most.  This is what she said…  “I finished your book. (Untraditional Publishing.) I absolutely loved it! That was the best advice I have ever received. I …

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Untraditional Publishing: The Third Option


There is traditional publishing and self-publishing. Soon, there will be a third option. Authors…get ready to rise UP…

Middle School Students Connecting Through Reading

I understand as an author that connecting with the reader is the most important goal. For students, that goal can be extremely difficult. I  know that middle school students will have little patience for a book. The story must start fast, continue to read fast, and have a terrific ending. Most authors that write for a younger …

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