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New Author Transformed into Untraditional Author

Here is an email I received from a new author that just read Untraditional Publishing. The simple act of changing her approach is what I believe benefits authors the most.  This is what she said…  “I finished your book. (Untraditional Publishing.) I absolutely loved it! That was the best advice I have ever received. I …

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Untraditional Publishing: The Third Option


There is traditional publishing and self-publishing. Soon, there will be a third option. Authors…get ready to rise UP…

Help Teachers: Adopt a Classroom!

So many teachers have to spend time and money on resources for their students and classrooms. And when I say time and money, I mean that the teachers are dipping into their own finances.  The Scholastics program offers many suggestions, such as thrift stores, garage sales, and book-order clubs. Or, the teachers can work out …

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Author Ron Knight & Author David Earl’s Fall School Tour!

Ron Knight, Author      Email: David Earl, Author      Email:   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 3rd, 2011 Author Ron Knight & Author David Earl’s Fall School Tour! This fall, authors Knight & Earl are teaming up for a school tour throughout the west coast of Florida. Students can learn how to use the same methods …

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Overcoming Great Odds


Fiction authors who are selling millions of books, had to overcome great odds to reach that point of success. No one can shortcut the publishing process. No one can just write a great book and hope for the best.

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