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Helping Students & Teachers Succeed

A high school principal decided to place the top three teachers in the school with the top 30% of students. This way, the best teachers can be teaching the best students.  The entire school waited as the principal went over reports, deciding which teachers and students would be chosen for this unique program. The principal …

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Encouraging Students

A teacher had been working hard with her students, but noticed that they began to wear down and become unmotivated. The teacher decided to put away her lessons and try something new, just for the day.  “Okay, I want all of you to take out a sheet of paper,” she said. “Draw a line down …

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Reading Tips from Kids

Adults, parents, and teachers…listen to these reading ideas from kids! “Do not force me to read. Make it fun.”  “If I see you reading, then I will read.”  “Give me a big choice of books and I will read.”  “Have a special snack that I can only eat during reading time.”  “If you let me …

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Youth Author Program

The Youth Author Program is for students that love writing stories, poetry, and drawing pictures, while exploring different ways to enjoy reading books. In addition, YAP will provide opportunities for students and teachers, along with increasing the book selection in classrooms. (For grades 3rd through 5th and middle school.)  YAP Events  Classrooms need a larger …

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Tina Chapstick

There is a third grader at Rose Water Elementary School that has the cutest name…Tina Chapstick. However, do not be fooled by the name. Tina is tough as any boy, especially when it comes to her favorite sport…soccer.  While visiting the school, I had a chance to watch Tina play in a soccer game. The …

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