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N9NE Teen Ghosts Trailer!

Watch the trailer then click on link to learn everything you need to know about N9NE Teen Ghosts! N9NE Teen Ghosts

Which Color is Your Ghost?

Girl with book

What color is your ghost? Remember, your ghost will not choose your favorite color, but rather a color that represents your dark side. Using the list below, choose your ghost based on your ghastly emotions and feelings. This is the ghost that will most likely haunt you. (See below for more.) Also, by knowing the …

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5 Star Books You Should Read for Fun!

Woman reading

I had gotten into a fun habit of writing down every book I’ve ever read. The list is random, but I’ll put a ☆☆☆☆☆ by each book I think you absolutely should pick up at the library and read. Remember to read at least 9 minutes a day and you’ll change your life for the better! The …

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☆☆☆☆☆ “This may be the most important book your teenager will ever read.”

If I Poster

This manuscript was anonymously submitted to 9 Minute Books. It took many weeks of consideration before we decided to publish it. Our hope is to use this book as a warning, along with a way to save teenagers all over the world. No words have been changed. This manuscript was published exactly how it was …

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Not Reading Has Consequences

9 P 1

What’s going to happen to our society if people who have the ability to read for fun, see no value in doing so? It’s never good to be the one who predicts something terrible, but they say if you look at the numbers close enough and don’t ignore the signs, you’ll predict what’s coming next. …

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