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1st Period: Theatre

Emily: “Did you hear about the kid at school?”

Jacob: “No. What’s up?”

Emily: “He’s obsessed with old horror movies.”

Jacob: “So?”

Emily: “He wants to recreate them.”

Jacob: “What the heck does that mean?”

Emily: “I’m not sure. But it’s weird.”

Kid at School Trio☆☆☆☆☆ “This spelling binding tale re-examines your life; impossible to forget images with pulse-pounding nightmares and terror.”

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1st Period: English

Eric: “The kid at school who’s obsessed with old horror movies is still around!”

Tora: “Which kid?”

Eric: “The kid at school.”

Tora: “I know, but which kid is it?”

Eric: “Actually, I have no idea. He could be anyone.”


☆☆☆☆☆ “Powerful images, notches above any other thriller, nonstop action, and the perfect combination of horror and suspense.”

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9MBs Cover Kid at School 3Lisha: “The kid at school who’s obsessed with old horror movies has a twin sister.”

Tommy: “Really?”

Lisha: “Yeah. Supposedly she got arrested for dressing up like a clown and chasing middle school students.”

Tommy: “I guess crazy must run in the family.”

Lisha: “Yeah, I can’t sleep. I keep having nightmares about the kid at school and his nutty clown sister.”


☆☆☆☆☆ “Breathless, fascinating, pulse-pounding. A pure genius of a horror book and one of the finest series you’ll ever read!”

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9MBs Cover IconicsFuture Icon: “A person who will become widely known and change the world.”

Iconics: “A secret society that protects future icons.”

When two Iconics attempt to expose the secret society, they find themselves caught between protecting future icons and running for their lives. Revealed in this book are the hidden files of the Iconics. How did Hitler come to power? Walt Disney?

This books reveals all…


☆☆☆☆☆ “Intelligent secret society thriller, pure genius, one of the finest mysteries ever read!”

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9MBs Cover Iconics 2Future Icon: “A person who will become widely known and change the world.”

Iconics: “A secret society that protects future icons.”

What other famous people were protected by this teenage secret society? The list will blow you mind!

☆☆☆☆☆ “Fascinating history and evolves into a pulse-pounding tour of the most powerful teenage secret society ever created.”

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This book is dedicated to nine teens that had to overcome the horror of having their own ghost drag them to the grave.

Names of the students along with their school have been changed in order to protect their identity.

What color is your ghost?

Remember, your ghost will not choose your favorite color, but rather a color that represents your dark side. Using the list below, choose your ghost based on your ghastly emotions and feelings.

Red Ghost: Short Tempered

Green Ghost: Jealous

Purple Ghost: Needy

Yellow Ghost: Coward Orange

Ghost: Criticizes Others

Brown Ghost: Avoids Problems

Blue Ghost: Lacks Focus

Gray Ghost: Gloomy

Pink Ghost: Cruel

☆☆☆☆☆ “Combination of nightmares and terror, demanding to be read with the lights off while the plot snaps in a chilling different direction on each page.”

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9MBs Cover C&L“Chutes & Ladders is basically a Ouija Board with a cute picture slapped over it for kids to play, opening up the floodgates for demons and evil to roam freely.” ~ Carter Jones, Sophomore at Rose Water High School

Four teenagers play Chutes & Ladders, then try to survive through the night as little kids, clowns, snakes, and other evils appear.

☆☆☆☆☆ “Fast, utterly gripping, and a tale that seems paranormal, but ends in a truthful story that’s perfect for conspiracy nuts!”

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9MBs Cover Read for FunBy you reading for fun, it is propelling you ahead of 80% of the people in the United States. Can you imagine the possibilities that are opening up for you this instant!

Think about how much money you make today. Now multiply that by five. People who read for fun have five times greater annual incomes than those who spend little or no time reading.

Today you’re starting a new life, replacing your failures with wealth and success. It’s time to achieve your dreams and it all starts by reading for fun!


☆☆☆☆☆ “Written with breakneck speed, thoughtful and creative, helping you to achieve your dreams!”

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Blog PhotoWhat happens when you place 10 business people in a room for a networking meeting, then drop a dead body and $900,000 in cash next to them? If you own a business and you’ve been to a networking meeting before, then this book is for you.

Each businessperson in this story has a chance to earn more money than they ever dreamed, but it comes at a simple price…keep your mouth shut, or you’ll never leave the room.

☆☆☆☆☆ “This story crosses, double crosses, and then explodes into a riveting, juiced-up tale for every business person to read!”

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9MBs Cover Dear GodA teenage girl living in a poor family write’s a note to God, asking if He can help. She loses her courage at the church steps and throws the note in the garbage.

Witnessing this was a struggling poet. He pulls the note out of the garbage and decides to help the teenager; at the same time, hoping to help himself. Together they find the wisdom to change their lives and achieve the dreams God put in their heart.

If you’re struggling, the answer is waiting in this story.


☆☆☆☆☆ “Excitement rises with each page with a mixture of overcoming struggles, breathless images and unexpected laughter. Get ready for a spiritual ride!”

Watch the trailer: Almost There!

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9MBs Cover BaseballThis unique and special book is designed specifically for high school baseball players. There are 9 sections, each 9 minutes long with examples of jobs related to baseball, motivational quotes, stories of famous ball players, tips from high school coaches, random baseball jokes, baseball slogans and much more!

☆☆☆☆☆ “Pure genius! This book will benefit middle school and high school baseball players, showing behind-the-scenes of what baseball is all about!”

Watch the trailer: Motivation for High School Baseball Players Trailer

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BandThis unique and special book is designed specifically for Marching Band and other activities such as Jazz Band and Orchestra.

There are 9 sections, each 9 minutes long with examples of jobs related to music, motivational quotes, famous people who started off in Marching Band, tips from other high school and college Marching Bands, Rock and Pop music that use Marching Band instruments, ways to know if you’re a Band Geek, random Band jokes, Band slogans and much more!

By reading motivational books just 9 minutes a day, you will become 5 times better than other band players who aren’t reading for fun!

☆☆☆☆☆ “A playful fun ride into the world of high school marching band! Terrific for middle schoolers as well!”

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9MBs Cover If I DecideThis manuscript was anonymously submitted to 9 Minute Books. It took many weeks of consideration before we decided to publish it. Our hope is to use this book as a warning, along with a way to save teenagers all over the world.

No words have been changed. This manuscript was published exactly how it was submitted.

Here’s what it said…


☆☆☆☆☆ “A mixture of chills and critical information for all teens and parents, as you dive deep into the mind of a serial killer and professional kidnapper.”

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9MBs Cover 12 Month Author Marketing PlanBefore you begin, decide on four things:

First: Decide that you want to become an author who will be ranked in the top 20% of your genre.

Second: Decide that you will invest at least 3% of your income each month into your marketing plan and improving as an author.

Third: Decide that you will read at least 9 minutes a day. You will read books that are in the same genre you write, along with business books of all types, biographies of famous business people, and inspirational/spiritual books.

Fourth: Decide that you will be responsible for your success and not become dependent on others, nor will you blame others when things go wrong, even if it’s not your fault. You will make the responsible choice to control your emotions and move forward productively, using humbling moments to find new opportunities.

Now…here’s your 12 Month Marketing Plan!

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9MBs Cover Which WayIt is a simple, yet powerful question. “Which way to your car?”

This question is a symbol of kindness, dedication, and premier service of Publix, dating back to when founder George Jenkins opened the first store, personalizing the shopping experience.

In this book you’ll learn philosophies by Publix such as business, sales, marketing, communications, customer service, and leadership, transforming you into a confident, patient, kind person who longs to benefit the lives of others.

☆☆☆☆☆ “This is the kind of book every company should have! You learn the background of what made the business a success and improve yourself at the same time!”

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IT CoverTerrorists. Mobsters from the Dominican Republic. Thugs from Colombia. Assassins from Jamaica. Crooked Miami police officers. New York conmen. Neighborhood gangs. Drug dealers. Murderers. Thieves. FBI snitches.

Two brothers become police officers and find themselves in the middle of a scandal caused by a childhood friend from New York. The FBI wanted to make a deal, “Give us information on all illegal activity in your police department and we’ll let you go. If not, you will go to prison.”

This is the true story of how two brothers protected fellow police officers while being pressured by the federal government, along with both crooked and legit cops that needed them to stay quiet while the truth would be ignored.

What you are about to read is what the FBI wanted to know…

Print Option: Available by sending email to 9.Minute.Books@gmail.com

eBook Option: Ignored Truth eBook

Redemption of JoeWhen police officer Steve Breakstone worked the toughest area in town, the only way he could survive was to imagine he was bulletproof. However, that was far from reality.

As Breakstone humbles himself and discovers a life dedicated to Jesus, he decided to help others who are in the worst of situations, like Joe, a leader of the most profitable gang in the neighborhood. If Breakstone could bring Joe to church, then anything was possible.

Everything seemed to change on the day Breakstone and Joe walked into God’s House, with Joe speaking to the congregation and turning his life over to Jesus.

However, things turned for the worse when Joe is gunned down and killed. Breakstone is the first on the scene, asking God why He would take Joe’s life when he finally turned it around.

This story will help you overcome humbling moments in your own life, strengthen your relationship with Jesus and help others do the same.

☆☆☆☆☆ “Powerful true story and insight of what a police officers deal with in the everyday!”

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