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Saving Lillian Bay: Cystic Hygroma


Many doctors that diagnosis Cystic Hygroma before birth recommend termination of the pregnancy. Parents are also told that even if the baby survives the birth, the chances are low that the child will continue living. However, there is little research to support this recommendation to parents. Another problem is that the medical costs far exceed …

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Fiction Books I Have Read

Fiction  The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton A Simple Plan, by Scott Smith Dark of the Moon, by John Sanford Invisible Prey, by John Sanford Level 26, by Anthony E. Zuiker Promise Me, by Harlan Coben No Second Chance, by Harlan Coben Smoke Screen, by Sandra Brown Chill Factor, by Sandra Brown Cape Refuge, by Terri …

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Book Scavenger Hunt

Kayci Book

With a consecutive streak of Florida summer rainy days, I had to get my four kids out of the house before they went berserk. I decided to take them to BAM (Books-A-Million) and setup a scavenger hunt to keep them busy for an hour. (I have three middle schoolers and one high schooler.)  I made …

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Ron Knight’s 111 Rules of Being an Author

Ron Knight’s 111 Rules of Being an Author  111. Be willing to take on the impossible challenge, while creating the possible.  110. Having a gift to write stories is not enough to have an author career.  109. Delete the word “Very” from every manuscript.  108. A fulltime author spends their day sitting. Exercising is critical.  …

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Psychological Thrillers: The Next Genre Craze

My books are in the psychological thriller genre for grades 4th, 5th, middle school, high school, and adults.  A psychological thriller is a heart-pumping mystery, a semi-dark format, a mind-game storyline, with villains that can be anyone, anything, or any emotion, which creates a setting for characters that skirts the line between what is real …

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