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Wealthy People Depend on Libraries

High Bookshelf

Why do wealthy people depend on libraries? You may not know this, but the highest averages of people that visit the library have a family income of over $75,000. Here are two main reasons: Wealthy people become rich by reading. “The average millionaire reads at least one book a month.” ~ Dave Ramsey “88% of …

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Download These Free eBooks!


I want to thank all the readers that downloaded my books. Here are the current rankings: Untraditional Publishing: 833 Downloads 12 Month Marketing Plan for Authors: 405 Downloads Turn the Souls: 277 Downloads The Future Kills: 215 Downloads PLOT: 188 Downloads Devils Windpipe: 148 Downloads You can download any of these eBooks for FREE! (Click …

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Turn the Souls

Turn the Souls The Cover Up: Seventy-two employees at Bradburn Industries are held hostage. The Plan: Eight of them will die. The Heist: Sixty-four employees will escape unharmed with ninety-three million dollars each, along with formulas worth billions. The Dilemma: A crime family, a high-ranking crooked cop, and a powerful CEO from a competitive company …

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Solution for Struggling Young Readers

Zach reading

Understanding Struggling Readers ~ Large portions of struggling readers actually have a powerful imagination. Their minds quickly wander as they attempt to read books. (Examples are musicians, artists, and yes…young writers.) ~ For others it can be a combination of several problems: motivation, confidence, patience, understanding the purpose of reading, and eventually negative thoughts whenever …

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Phenomenon vs Great Writing

Shouting woman III

E.L. James was named Publisher Weekly’s Person of the Year. What does this mean? Marketing is more important than breaking every writing rule that could possibly be broken. It means that great writing is not as important as creating a phenomenon. All those in E.L. James’ corner, which is her editor, literary agent, publishers around …

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