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Solution for Struggling Young Readers

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Understanding Struggling Readers ~ Large portions of struggling readers actually have a powerful imagination. Their minds quickly wander as they attempt to read books. (Examples are musicians, artists, and yes…young writers.) ~ For others it can be a combination of several problems: motivation, confidence, patience, understanding the purpose of reading, and eventually negative thoughts whenever …

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Ron Knight’s 111 Rules of Being an Author

Ron Knight’s 111 Rules of Being an Author  111. Be willing to take on the impossible challenge, while creating the possible.  110. Having a gift to write stories is not enough to have an author career.  109. Delete the word “Very” from every manuscript.  108. A fulltime author spends their day sitting. Exercising is critical.  …

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N9NE Teen Ghosts Preview

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N9NE Teen Ghosts By Ron Knight  This book is dedicated to nine teens that had to overcome the horror of having their own ghost drag them to the grave.  The names of the students, along with their school, have been changed in order to protect their identity.  1  September 9th, 1999  Doing eighty miles an …

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Middle School Paranormal Activity: Harper Middle School, Leesburg, Virginia

Every middle school in the world has a Middle Room with terrifying powers, causing paranormal events to occur at the school. Students from all over the world have sent me stories that prove the Middle Room haunts middle schoolers.  Eighth-grade students at Harper Middle School were working in the Middle Room, which was the science …

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New Author Transformed into Untraditional Author

Here is an email I received from a new author that just read Untraditional Publishing. The simple act of changing her approach is what I believe benefits authors the most.  This is what she said…  “I finished your book. (Untraditional Publishing.) I absolutely loved it! That was the best advice I have ever received. I …

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