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Twenty-Two Lessons for Authors

Twenty-Two lessons for authors.

Overcoming Great Odds


Fiction authors who are selling millions of books, had to overcome great odds to reach that point of success. No one can shortcut the publishing process. No one can just write a great book and hope for the best.

Middle Room

It was a long time ago and they do not remember, but everything that you will experience in middle school, they have done as well. In fact, your parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents have been in the Middle Room. If you have an older brother or sister in high school, they have been in the Middle Room.

Ron Knight Update

* Had a great time at a mystery event in Sarasota. Met the Oceanview Publishing team, along with many others. Thanks to my manager, Melissa Powley Link, for doing a great job¬†running the event. The guests played a “Human Clue Game” and the authors gave out the clues. Very cool! * I just finished my …

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When I think about my first novel, I am terrified that someone may actually read it someday. I feel the same way with my second, third, and fourth novel.

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