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Who’s to blame for teenagers not reading?


“14% of children in lower income homes rarely or never read books for pleasure.” ~ Reading Agency There is a direct relation to reading for pleasure and becoming wealthy. (Or not reading for pleasure and becoming poor.) Studies have been done since the 1960’s to prove this theory. Here are three facts about reading for …

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Solution for Struggling Young Readers

Zach reading

Understanding Struggling Readers ~ Large portions of struggling readers actually have a powerful imagination. Their minds quickly wander as they attempt to read books. (Examples are musicians, artists, and yes…young writers.) ~ For others it can be a combination of several problems: motivation, confidence, patience, understanding the purpose of reading, and eventually negative thoughts whenever …

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Ron Knight Wins the “Sunshine Lily Badge!”


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 21st, 2012 Ron Knight Wins the “Sunshine Lily Badge!” Ron Knight wins the Sunshine Lily Badge for best blog, presented byErinO’ Quinn! Interview with Ron Knight Erin: You inspire and motivate both adults and students in reading and writing. Why is that important to you?  Knight: I struggled with reading and …

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Paranormal Activity: Stivers Middle School, Dayton, Ohio

Stivers Middle School

Every middle school in the world has a Middle Room with terrifying powers, causing paranormal events to happen at the school. Stivers Middle School used to have there own swimming pool in the center of the school, which also was the Middle Room. Legend says that a teacher had treated one of her students better …

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Reading Advice From Students

Kayci Reading

Reading Advice From Students  “Do not force me to read. Make it fun.” “If I see you reading, then I will read.” “If our classroom picked songs that went along with books and we made book soundtracks, I would read.” “Start a kids book club and I will read.” “Give me a big choice of …

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