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Book Scavenger Hunt

Kayci Book

With a consecutive streak of Florida summer rainy days, I had to get my four kids out of the house before they went berserk. I decided to take them to BAM (Books-A-Million) and setup a scavenger hunt to keep them busy for an hour. (I have three middle schoolers and one high schooler.)  I made …

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Psychological Thrillers: The Next Genre Craze

My books are in the psychological thriller genre for grades 4th, 5th, middle school, high school, and adults.  A psychological thriller is a heart-pumping mystery, a semi-dark format, a mind-game storyline, with villains that can be anyone, anything, or any emotion, which creates a setting for characters that skirts the line between what is real …

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N9NE Teen Ghosts Preview

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N9NE Teen Ghosts By Ron Knight  This book is dedicated to nine teens that had to overcome the horror of having their own ghost drag them to the grave.  The names of the students, along with their school, have been changed in order to protect their identity.  1  September 9th, 1999  Doing eighty miles an …

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