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Phenomenon vs Great Writing

Shouting woman III

E.L. James was named Publisher Weekly’s Person of the Year. What does this mean? Marketing is more important than breaking every writing rule that could possibly be broken. It means that great writing is not as important as creating a phenomenon. All those in E.L. James’ corner, which is her editor, literary agent, publishers around …

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Ron Knight Wins the “Sunshine Lily Badge!”


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 21st, 2012 Ron Knight Wins the “Sunshine Lily Badge!” Ron Knight wins the Sunshine Lily Badge for best blog, presented byErinO’ Quinn! Interview with Ron Knight Erin: You inspire and motivate both adults and students in reading and writing. Why is that important to you?  Knight: I struggled with reading and …

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Ron Knight’s 111 Rules of Being an Author

Ron Knight’s 111 Rules of Being an Author  111. Be willing to take on the impossible challenge, while creating the possible.  110. Having a gift to write stories is not enough to have an author career.  109. Delete the word “Very” from every manuscript.  108. A fulltime author spends their day sitting. Exercising is critical.  …

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Psychological Thrillers: The Next Genre Craze

My books are in the psychological thriller genre for grades 4th, 5th, middle school, high school, and adults.  A psychological thriller is a heart-pumping mystery, a semi-dark format, a mind-game storyline, with villains that can be anyone, anything, or any emotion, which creates a setting for characters that skirts the line between what is real …

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Encouraging Students

A teacher had been working hard with her students, but noticed that they began to wear down and become unmotivated. The teacher decided to put away her lessons and try something new, just for the day.  “Okay, I want all of you to take out a sheet of paper,” she said. “Draw a line down …

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