Ron Knight Update

* Had a great time at a mystery event in Sarasota. Met the Oceanview Publishing team, along with many others. Thanks to my manager, Melissa Powley Link, for doing a great job running the event. The guests played a “Human Clue Game” and the authors gave out the clues. Very cool!

* I just finished my latest novel, “The Future Kills” and sent it my manager for approval. I also sent her my latest non-fiction book, “UP Authors,” which should be released on Feb 10th.

* I am four chapters away from finishing my first Tween book, “Middle Room.” It is due out on Feb 23rd, at which time I’ll be at Braden Middle School to visit with the entire 6th grade.

* I am working on an author contest, sponsored by UP Authors. Also putting the finishing touches on a school funraiser/student writing contest. Hoping to start both in the next month or so.

* I am currently reading “Angels & Demons” by Dan Brown and “Bitter Legacy” by H. Terrell Griffin.

Ron Knight

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