Control = Millions

There are thousands of people around the world, earning millions through the potential of control. I suppose you can say they have their own “Secret Society.” The amazing thing is that these are average people. They are teachers, small business owners…your next door neighbor. 

I only know one man that is connected to this group of control freaks. His name is Joseph Cross, who lives about two hours from me in Lakeland, Florida. I’ll never forget what he told me, “You have to admire the simplicity of how to control another human being. Take a few pictures, offer some money…and make a phone call.” 

Perhaps it was the way Joseph said that to me. His voice sounded desperate and terrifying, yet adventurous. I know that Joseph is a manager at an embroidery shop. I also know that he owns a small home and lives with his girlfriend that teaches the fifth grade. 

He’s just an average person. Or perhaps a better way to describe my friend is that “He was an average person.” 

Joseph went from a $30,000 a year job to earning millions. Keep in mind; he resisted the original offer to join this secret society of what I like to call, “The Average Rich.” In fact, he admitted being forced into the unknown. Now, Joseph travels all over the country with his girlfriend and is on a natural high

Getting started takes one act of courage. That’s it. Just the guts to control another person, without anyone knowing who you are. Nevertheless, as Tony Robins said, “People will do more to avoid pain, than will to gain pleasure.” 

Most citizens are in financial anguish. And for only a couple thousand people in the world, the guilt of doing a little wrong, is worth the satisfaction of earning millions of dollars. 

If you are fascinated with the idea of CONTROL + PEOPLE = MILLIONS, check out “2-10” at www.upauthors.com/authors/ronknight  I’ve written all about these “Average Rich” and how they turned their lives into wealth. 

“Peace is when life represents the best of creations. Conflict is a necessary tool in order to bring the world together. We may have pity, yet thrive on the optimism and depression of others. Our actions are based off controlled circumstances and luck. A relentless character trait means you have the power to play God with other peoples lives, demanding perfection from them and yourself. The soul is empty, continuously doing things its own way. And yet, the soul helps others find themselves.” 

Ron Knight

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