Middle Room

Here is a preview of my new book, Middle Room, due out in late February. This book is for 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.

Middle Room

By Ron Knight

 Read This First!

 There are four results when you enter the Middle Room.

 First: Within one hour, you will gain a mental ability.

 Second: Within two hours, you will gain a physical ability.

 Third: Within twelve hours, a villain will seek you out.

 Fourth: After you graduate from middle school, you will lose the abilities, the villain will disappear, and all memories of these events will be gone forever.

 Welcome to the…Middle Room


 Most likely, your teacher has been inside the Middle Room.

         It was a long time ago and they do not remember, but everything that you will experience in middle school, they have done as well. In fact, your parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents have been in the Middle Room. If you have an older brother or sister in high school, they have been in the Middle Room.

          Unfortunately, their memory of the experience has been wiped. Sure, they remember being in middle school. But the adventure of entering the Middle Room has been long forgotten.

          Most schools have a map for you to use. Take that map, fold it in half, then fold it again. To locate the Middle Room, circle the center point. It could be the media center, a classroom, cafeteria, gymnasium, a closet, or even a courtyard. It may be just a hallway.

          A room does not need four walls. It is a location, nothing more.

          Just like your teachers, parents, or any other adult, they cannot help you or give advice on the Middle Room. Someday, you will be the same way and treat middle school students as if they are insane.

          As of right now, you are on your own.

          In this book, I have used the story from one school as an example of what happens in middle school, once you believe in the Middle Room and find its location.

          Let me say that again, “Once you believe.”

          If you do not trust in the power of the Middle Room, then it will be just a space in your school.

          However, if you believe, then get ready for an adventure.

          You have a chance to gain a mental and physical ability. Here is the definition of “ability.” It is, “Super strength, a gift, or talent.” Your mind and body will be able to perform a special power, which you could not have done before.

          There is just one problem.

          The Middle Room also sends a villain after you. The definition of a villain is, “An evil character.” A character can be just about anything, especially in a book. So when you think about the word “villain,” do not limit your imagination. The villain could be a feeling, a place, or even bad luck. A villain is wicked, foul, and without sympathy. It could be anything that makes you afraid.

          Locate the Middle Room in your middle school. After reading this book, decide whether you believe in its power. Once you go inside with that belief, you cannot stop it until you go to high school.

          Before this story begins, I want to be sure you understand what is about to happen.

          This book is a warning system for all students who are in 5th grade and about to attend middle school. And of course, it is for all of you in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade. The Middle Room is a place you must respect and take seriously. It changes your life.

          The chapters are in reverse order, which means, the book will end on chapter one. By the time this countdown finishes, you will have all the knowledge needed to survive middle school…

And the information you need to survive the Middle Room.

Good luck.

Copyright © 2010 by Ron Knight

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