Twenty-Two Lessons for Authors

Here is the quick version, just in case you want to print this out. Complete details are at www.upauthors.com/blog  

LESSON ONE: Do not use lack of money or lack of resources as an excuse.

LESSON TWO: Some of the best authors buried their dream deep inside, but that dream always fights to come out.

LESSON THREE: It takes a great amount of courage and faith to skip the “paycheck” and go for your dreams.

LESSON FOUR: All your experiences and places you have worked can be used to your advantage as an author.

LESSON FIVE: No one becomes the CEO of a company in their first year.

LESSON SIX: When the time is right, someone will cross paths with you and change your life as an author.

LESSON SEVEN: Someday when you look back on your first novel, you will realize that you were still learning.

LESSON EIGHT: You are fifteen years away from having a career as an author.

LESSON NINE: Authors are rejected.

LESSON TEN: Authors read.

LESSON ELEVEN: You should put the same effort into marketing your book, as you did writing your book.

LESSON TWELVE: Depend on yourself for success.

LESSON THIRTEEN: Be out front of your book, not behind it.

LESSON FOURTEEN: Ancillary products are a terrific way to promote your book and earn extra money.

LESSON FIFTEEN: Selling 5,000 books in your local area is more impressive than selling 5,000 books around the world.

LESSON SIXTEEN: Join forces with other authors.

LESSON SEVENTEEN: Do not limit your writing.

LESSON EIGHTEEN: Ease the pressure.

LESSON NINETEEN: To increase your audience, give them what they want.

LESSON TWENTY: Keep your chapters short.

LESSON TWENTY-ONE: Avoid scene setting, back-stories, and character description whenever possible.

LESSON TWENTY-TWO: Do not fail today.

For details on each lesson, go to: www.upauthors.com/blog

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