Students in Middle School

During my research in middle schools, I uncovered stories about students given amazing powers. One girl had the ability to charm others. This sixth grade boy could actually stop time for just a few seconds. 

You may think I am just making this up, but I assure you, this is very real. I’ve been to many middle schools and discovered that all of the students have different powers, but are going through similar circumstances. 

With every good, there is a bad. 

The students are given a special mental and physical ability, but a villain haunts them through sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. I asked the kids to tell me about their villain. 

“Nightmares,” a sixth grade girl told me. 

Another boy explained to me through his tearful eyes that he sees things that aren’t really there. 

Other villains included trouble, pain, and even a broken heart

I will continue my research and study more middle schools. I ask that you really listen to the students. They have to deal with a place in their school that simply will not go away. 

If you have a child in middle school, tell them stay out of the Middle Room.

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