New Books Coming Soon!

This fall, I have four new books coming out. (It is going to be a busy summer!)

Turn the Souls (Adult Fiction) Seventy-two employees are taken hostage at an Oregon pharmaceutical company. Hostage Negotiator, Marcus Cane, discovers that the situation is a cover-up for a billion dollar heist, involving some of the hostages, hostage-takers, and even members of the police.

NINE (Young Adult Fiction) Nine freshman students go missing on September 9th, 2009, at 9:00. Puzzeling revelations about the number nine becomes a grisly indicator to locate the missing teens.

Middle Room: The Bookmark (5th-8th Grades) Every middle school in the world has a Middle Room with incredible and terrifying powers. When entering the Middle Room, the students gain a mental and physical ability. Unfortunately, a villain will haunt the students until they go to high school. This is Book Two of the series.

AC Heroes: Jon-Raw (3rd-5th Grades) In a school aftercare program, some of the students leave their human bodies and transform into AC Heroes to stop evil around the world. If they do not return to their human bodies by the time their parents pick them up from aftercare, all their abilities will be lost. (Nineteen children from Lamarque Elementary aftercare developed the characters for AC Heroes. This is Book Five of the series.)

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