Suggestions for Tween Readers

This blog is for students in grades fourth and fifth, along with middle school students, which I label as the Tweens. (And for authors writing in this genre.) Recently, I asked students this simple question, “What books are you reading?” The most common answer was the Twilight series. 

I cannot imagine a fifth or sixth grader plowing through a 130,000-word novel. I think Tweens see older kids reading these books, so the Tweens attempt to read those same  six hundred or thousand pages novels. 

Here are my suggestions for Tweens. (Authors, please read and adjust your writing.) 

  • Look for books that have short chapters. (Under four pages per chapter.) This will give you more confidence in reading.
  • Read the first paragraph in the book. If it does not interest you, then move on to another book.
  • Set a goal by reading a chapter a day. Since the chapters are short, this should be easy. Increase your goal per day, as your speed in reading develops.
  • Read the same book as your best friend is reading. Talk about each chapter and encourage each other to keep reading.
  • If you are on page fifty and the book seems to be getting boring, then put it down and start another. You have better things to do than to read a bad book.
  • Keep a book with you at all times. Whenever you have a moment, read the short chapter. The most common place you will have to wait is the school bus stop. If other kids see you reading, then they will do the same.
  • When watching T.V., read during commercials. You will be amazed at how many pages you will read during American Idol

Suggest to a teacher or parent to start a “Tween Book Review Club.” This lets you tell the world what you think about certain books. This also forces authors to think about what you really want to read and how a book should be written. 

I have a School Book Tour being planned in the fall. I will be visiting with students in third grade, all the way up to high school. My goal is to improve the students reading, writing, and communication skills. 

Also, I am looking forward to meeting the next generation of great authors… 

Ron Knight

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