Tweens, Teens, Young Adults

How old are Tweens, Teens, and Young Adults?

Young Adults: 18-25 

Teens: High School 

Tweens: Middle School (And fifth grade)

With little other choice, young adult books carry down to teens and tweens.

Go to the book section of my favorite store, Target. There is a huge row of books for children under seven. There is a small selection for age’s seven to twelve. Then filling up a complete row, is young adult books and emerging new authors. The next of course is adult fiction and non-fiction authors. 

What happened to the thirteen through seventeen age group? 

How I write for as a tweens, teens, and young adults.

Imagine a line. On the left side is white. As the line moves towards the middle, it begins to turn gray. From the middle to the right, it goes from gray to black. Based on the image, here is how youth novels/books should be divided, considering how “Dark” a plot or storyline should be. 

The white part of the line is books for elementary students; third and fourth grade, with slight movement to fifth grade. 

Light gray is for most fifth graders, all middle school, with slight movement to freshman in high school. 

Dark gray is for some eighth graders and all high school. 

Black (Dark) is for anyone eighteen and older, with strong support from eighteen to twenty-five years old. 

Here is a rule I live by. If I cannot stand up in front of a classroom and discuss the darkest parts of my book, then I shouldn’t be there.

Ron Knight

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