Unique Tradition at Middle School

There is a school in Rose Water, Ohio that has a unique way of doing things. Every student and staff member has a nickname. (Yes, even the teachers and principal.) Because this is done tactfully, it brings the entire school together. 

Here are just some of the nicknames that I discovered for the teachers: 

Homeroom teacher, Mr. Watts, is nicknamed Mr. Light Bulb. 

Math teacher, Ms. Hall, is nicknamed Ms. Bubble Gum, because she allows her students to chew gum on Fridays. 

Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Manchester, is nicknamed Mrs. Bishop, because she plays in a chess tournament every year in New York. 

Science teacher, Mr. Adam, is of course nicknamed, Mr. Atom. 

History teacher, Mr. Snell, is nicknamed Mr. Elvis. (I’m sure you can figure that one out. And keep in mind, Mr. Elvis has the sideburns and everything.) 

There is a study hall period, which the students are encouraged to get most of their homework done. (I love that idea as well.) The teacher in charge of the study hall is Mrs. White. Her nickname is Mrs. Sugar, because she is addicted to candy bars and other snacks. (The students know all about the candy bars she hides in her top desk drawer.) 

The cafeteria manager is named, Ms. Cobb, and yes, her nickname is Ms. Corn on the Cob. 

The P.E. teacher is Mr. (Paul) Edwards, nicknamed, Mr. P.E. 

Media center teacher, (librarian) is Ms. Betherhood. She is nicknames Ms. Cha-Cha, because she dances while putting books away. 

Assistant Principal, Ms. Garrett, is nicknamed Ms. Bullhorn, because she talks so loud. (And apparently, carries a bullhorn.) 

Mr. Nosisky, the principal, has the pleasure of being called, Mr. Nose. 

The only teacher that does not have a nickname is Mr. Disney. 

If your school has any unique traditions, send me an email and I’ll post it here on my web site. authorronknight@aol.com 

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