Alta Vista Elementary: Every child successful…everyday.

Alta Vista caught my attention, because they have so many programs to assist their students along with my favorite subject: Aspiring Youth Authors. 

Here are just a couple examples for this summer: 

The Flying Eagles Program: Teachers provide intensive instruction for reading and math. This is for all students entering third grade and is based on the student’s individual needs. 

The 21st Century Program: For grades first and second, offering Enrichment Activities, based on discovery and experimental learning. Students will use their experience and knowledge as Young Scientists, Math Wizards, Actors/Actresses in Reading Theatre, Aspiring Authors, and Techno Wizards. 

Both programs are run by Assistant Principal, Ms. Dehea Smith. 

Alta Vista has many other opportunities for children, like the Eagle Eye Newsroom, for aspiring youth anchors and broadcasting. 

This is an example of a school focusing on the success of every child…not just in the fall…but everyday. 

Ron Knight 

Youth Author Program: http://www.authorronknight.com/youth-author-program/  

For more on Alta Vista Elementary: http://www.sarasota.k12.fl.us/av/  

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