Help Teachers: Adopt a Classroom!

So many teachers have to spend time and money on resources for their students and classrooms. And when I say time and money, I mean that the teachers are dipping into their own finances. 

The Scholastics program offers many suggestions, such as thrift stores, garage sales, and book-order clubs. Or, the teachers can work out something with their local library, bookstores, and place ad’s in the newspaper. Although these are great suggestions, it still does not solve the problem of teachers spending their own time and money to provide for their classroom. 

Summer Sciandra, a fifth grade teacher at Englewood Elementary, sums up what I believe all teachers are thinking. This statement also discusses the idea of adopting a classroom. 

“My students have varying background knowledge, readiness, language, preferences in learning, and interests. I would like to be able to maximize each student’s growth and individual success by meeting each student where he or she is, and assisting in the learning process. If adopted I would like to purchase additional learning materials, educational games, books, etc., to keep all students actively engaged, to provide differentiated instruction, and to meet their learning needs.” 

After reading this, I started thinking of ways that I could assist teachers with this problem. My first thought was that I know over 4,000 authors. I could give the authors a list of classrooms that need to be adopted. 

But why stop there? Publishers and agents could adopt just one classroom each. I’m guessing the cost would only be about $50 to $125. Nevertheless, authors, publishers, and agents could also provide something that every classroom would love…BOOKS! 

Then I thought, “Why stop there?” Every business partner at a school should adopt a classroom. 

Then again, why stop there? Whenever an author, publisher, agent, or business partner has an event, they could hand out flyers to ask ANYONE to adopt a classroom. 

For this to work, I believe it has to start in the community. Local authors and businesses should get involved. I also believe this has to start with one classroom at a time. It is different than helping the school in general. The purpose of adopting a classroom is to know the teacher and students by spending a little time with them. 

Authors could certainly inspire students in reading, writing, and building confidence. 

Then again…why stop there? 

Ron Knight

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