Speed Reading Tips

If you read ten to twenty books in a certain genre or subject, then you will know more than most people about that genre. If you read two hundred to three hundred, then you will be an expert. (Scott Young) 

Here are some reading tips from Dennis Doyle of Glendale Community College: 

Pay attention. Some people read as if they were watching TV; inattentive and passive. 

Stop talking to yourself. This is done in two ways. Reading the words aloud and talking to yourself in your head while you read. Use eyes-to-brain. Not eyes-to mouth-to brain. 

Don’t stop. While reading, you will make small stops along a sentence. The more you stop at each word, the poorer reader you will become. Reading in groups of words not only speeds up your reading, but also allows you to comprehend what is being read. To do this, read in word groups of three and four. 

Vary your speed rates. Poor readers always read at the same slow rate. An efficient reader will vary speeds. Quicker for the easier content and slower for the more difficult content. 

Here are some other ideas/tips from Scott Young: 

Keep your mind attentive on the words. Do not drift. 

Control your reading, rather than pushing to read faster. As stated above, move at the speed depending on the content. 

Decide what you want to learn from the book, before starting it. That way, you will be hunting for an explanation, which increases your interest, which increases your speed. Your attitude toward the book will determine how fast you will read it. 

It is okay to stop and reflect on a great sentence or intriguing thought. The author gave you a gift. Take a moment to enjoy it. 

Finish the book before starting another. If the book is boring, then stop reading it. If the book is entertaining, then read it all. 

Keep a book with you wherever you go. Life is about waiting. You might as well do it with a book. 

Here a few Ron Knight ideas: 

Choose books with short chapters. Anywhere from one to four pages is ideal. This will build your reading confidence. 

Look for books with short paragraphs. One to seven lines on average. Again, this will build your confidence with reading. 

Set a goal to read a three or four chapters a day. As you build confidence, read five or six chapters a day. 

Read the same book as your best friend. Talk about the chapters to increase your interest. 

If you are on page fifty and the book seems to be going nowhere, then put it down. I believe time is valuable. Do not waste it on a book that is a real snoozer. 

You are certain to spend time watching TV, so have a book with you and read during commercials

Finally, all readers should send feedback to the author. If you did not enjoy the book, tell the author why. Was it the story? Characters? Flow? If you did enjoy the book, tell the author about your favorite parts. That way, you know the author will write more books using your feedback. 

Ron Knight

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