School Motto’s and Sayings

“Hardworking, Empathetic, Active Learner, Respectful, Trustworthy.” ~ Atwater Elementary, North Port, FL.

“High expectations for all!” Emma E. Booker Elementary, Sarasota, FL

“We’re cruisin’ to success!” Gocio Elementary, Sarasota, FL

“Up the ante…A Year of Refinement, using what we know, to change what we do.” Wilkinson Elementary, Sarasota, FL

“Believe in all our possibilities!” Sarasota Middle School, Sarasota, FL

“Can Do, Work Hard, Get Smart.” Laurel Nokomis School, Nokomis, FL

“Achieve maximum potential, love learning, feel valued as individuals, and develop healthy self-esteem and good citizenship.” Fruitville Elementary School, Sarasota, FL

“Searing to new heights.” Toledo Blade Elementary, North Port, FL

“Experience a safe, respectful environment which promotes active learning in a supportive, community atmosphere.” Englewood Elementary School, Englewood, FL

“Every child successful, everyday.” Alta Vista Elementary, Sarasota, FL

“Reaching for the stars.” Ashton Elementary, Sarasota, FL

“Know the way. Show the way.” Vineland Elementary, Rotonda West, FL

“Dream big!” Tatum Ridge Elementary, Sarasota, FL

“Think. Reach. Shine.” Taylor Ranch Elementary, Venice, FL

“Learning Rocks at Braden River Elementary!” Bradenton, FL

“Sowing the seeds of success.” Garden Elementary, Venice FL

“Discover Fruitville. A local treasure.” Sarasota, FL

“Showing the talent in our children.” Rowlett Elementary, Bradenton, FL

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