Tina Chapstick

There is a third grader at Rose Water Elementary School that has the cutest name…Tina Chapstick. However, do not be fooled by the name. Tina is tough as any boy, especially when it comes to her favorite sport…soccer. 

While visiting the school, I had a chance to watch Tina play in a soccer game. The teachers had divided the third graders into two teams. By far, Tina stood out as the best player. 

She could sprint from one end of the field to other. 

She could zig-zag with the ball through a crowd of players. 

And with her oversized cleats, Tina had a kick that was so powerful, the teachers had to put air back in the ball several times during the game. 

When Tina became angry, look out! Her skin flushed a deep red. (The students would whisper behind Tina’s back and call her anger, “Red Card.” But they would never say that to her face.) 

Tina is also in the aftercare program at Rose Water. During aftercare, nobody knew that her human body stayed behind, while her cosmic body traveled around the world on dangerous missions. Tina is part of an elite group called AC Heroes. Her real name is Sock Her…

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