Reading Tips from Kids

Adults, parents, and teachers…listen to these reading ideas from kids!

“Do not force me to read. Make it fun.” 

“If I see you reading, then I will read.” 

“Give me a big choice of books and I will read.” 

“Have a special snack that I can only eat during reading time.” 

“If you let me do chores to earn a book allowance, I would read.” 

“Prove to me that reading books will excite my imagination more than TV or video games.” 

“Help me make a small library section in my bedroom and I will read.” 

“Give me a great book for my birthday and I will read.” 

“Help me find a book that I would actually enjoy reading.” 

“Make going to the library a special trip and I will read.” 

“I have one word for you…Popcorn!” 

“If we could decorate part of the room with bean bags, posters, and decorations on the bookshelf, I would read.” 

“If you show me how to write letters to the author, I would read.” 

“If I could make a collage about the book, I would read.” 

“Turn off all the lights and we can read a scary story with just a flashlight.” 

“If my class had a talk show based on the book, where someone plays the author, someone plays the publisher, and someone interviews them both, I would read that book.” 

“If certain students in our class pretended to be characters in the book and the class interviewed the characters, I would read the book.” 

“What would it be like if I was a character in the book? If we talked about that, then I would read.” 

“If we could have a court trial based on the book, with students being the judge, lawyers, bailiff, jury, and witnesses, I would read that book.” 

“If you challenged me to find newspaper and magazine articles that have the same subjects as a certain book, I would read.” 

“If the classroom drew pictures based on a book, I would read.” 

“If the students could make up our own test about the book, I would read.” 

“Make a chart for me where I can receive a gold star for every chapter I read. Give me a prize after every ten stars.” 

“If my family all took turns reading a chapter, I would love that!” 

“Light a special candle that is used only when I am reading.” 

“Tell me that it is okay to read three times a day, for just ten minutes each time.” 

“If we could make our own board game based off a book, then I would read.” 

“If my classroom acted out scenes in the book, I would read.” 

“Invite the author to our school and I will read their book.” 

“If our classroom picked songs that went along with books and we made book soundtracks, I would read.” 

“Start a youth book club and I will read.”

Thank you kids!

Ron Knight




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