Ron Knight’s Top 100 Authors on Facebook! (50-1!!!)

Here are the top 50! (To view 51-100, go to the UP Authors web site: www.upauthors.com/blog

50. Gordon Basichis: “Why do I get the feeling that this may turn into one of those things that is almost a good idea?” 

49. Ann Hood: “Sometimes it is hard not to think of all that we lost.” 

48. Ally Blake: “There is an opportunity for snuggling up in the same scarf or coat in the cold.” 

47. Anita Romero: “I’m hunkering down for more word count.” 

46. Julie Beck: “When inspiration hits like a ton of bricks, you gotta write it down!” 

45. Capri Cruz: “I realize that we all experience the same emotions, just too individualistic degrees. We are all a ‘Work in Progress!’’’ 

44. Tammy Snyder: “I take every little detail, expression, characteristic, and treasure them in my heart! ”

43. Caroline Bell Foster: “I’ve done so much already. Got to keep moving!”  

42. Tom Santos: “Return to the traditional greeting, of ‘Merry Christmas!’” 

41. Selena Robins: “I’m striving to be a better person than I was yesterday!” 

40. L.E. Fallon: “May all those who pass this way be blessed with love, happiness, and continued peace!” 

39. Sharon L. Nash: “Being a writer is like breathing. You’ll stop when you’re dead!” 

38. Christy Reece: “I love that happy ever after ending and closing a book with a smile on my face!” 

37. Karen C. Brown: “If the tree could talk, oh what stories would it tell!” 

36. Stephanie Rowe: “Sometimes the best thing you can do is take a break from the writing instead of fighting through it.” 

35. Bradley Nickell: “Explore being kind to others…just because.”

34. Missy Lyons: “I love my job!” 

33. Andi Pray: “Are there any author fan pages that I haven’t liked yet? Let me know so I can support you! That is all an author can ask for.” 

32. Kelly Williams: “We have to face it that there is a problem in this world. We need to drag this ugly thing into a room. Don’t look away. Don’t turn away. Face it. Change it!” 

31. Julie O’ Yang: “I am the director of my own life!” 

30. David Alan Dickens: “I love to explore the caves of the Unknown!” 

29. Sara Taney Humphreys: “Thanks for inking and stamping my life with fond memories!” 

28. Leanne Johnston: “Lock yourselves away, disconnect the phone, turn off the mobile and WRITE!” 

27. Mary E. Trimble: “In the early days after World War II, paperbacks were predicted to be a failure.” 

26. Franz McLaren: “I’m pretty much unstable, but have a vivid imagination!” 

25. Karin Slaughter: “Wish I could think of something witty, insightful, or inspirational to say!” 

24. Mary Anne Landers: “I am the administrator of the largest Farrah Fawcett fan page!” 

23. Stephanie Davidson Becken: “The opening of UP always makes me cry.” (Woot Woot!) 

22. Tracey H. Kitts: “If the vampire fad passes, I’ll still be here in my Dracula cape, getting my fang on!” 

21. Swickle Dvora: “Follow your dream. Soon I will be out on eBooks. I’ll see you there!” 

20. Robert Walker: “The iceberg didn’t act alone…something creepy as hell was aboard!” (Curse of RMS Titanic.) 

19. Tim Baker: “Books are great Christmas gifts!” 

18. Paula Shene: “Teach our young the importance of animal care!” 

17. Michael Howard: “The bard who stood hard on the boulevard…amongst other things!” 

16. Melanie Bardwell Young: “Whatever your dream is…if you believe it, you can achieve it!” 

15. Lauren E. Harvey: “I am so much more than mere words, and yet words are my life!” 

14. Kelly Simmons: “You’re a writer if your laptop is worth more than all your furniture combined!” 

13. Cal Orey: “Destiny has led me to be a phone psychic!” 

12. Lila Munro: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storms to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain!” 

11. Jessica McHugh: “I am a novelist and weirdo smiley pie!” 

Out of 8,000 authors, here are the top 10!!! 

10. John W. Huffman: “Loving life and wishing all my Facebook friends the very best!” 

9. Jasmine Dubroff: “For every end there is a beginning!” 

8. Raquel Monday: “Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called Children of God!”Matthew 5:9 

7. Poppet Author: (Last years winner!!!) “It’s like you unravel souls and read them out loud!” 

6. Lorraine C K Haataia: “Support vendors in your community. Buy local!” 

5. Lisa Comstock: “I have eighteen books written and many more in the works. I plan on being around a while!” 

4. Kathy Rowe: “Prepare to be thrilled!” 

3. Deborah Brooks Langford: “I love the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior!” 

2. Barbara Robinson: “French vanilla coffee and writing, sitting outside on the back deck, enjoying the blissful peace as I admire God’s creative display!” 

The number one ranked author is… 

1. Clara Brown: “I am going to take my time, grow as an author, build relationships, and read!” 

Congratulations to all 100 authors! If you did not make the list, please do not feel bad. Check out the UP Authors Promotion Contest and Untraditional Publishing to increase your Facebook popularity!!! 

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