Middle School Paranormal Activity: Harper Middle School, Leesburg, Virginia

Every middle school in the world has a Middle Room with terrifying powers, causing paranormal events to occur at the school. Students from all over the world have sent me stories that prove the Middle Room haunts middle schoolers. 

Eighth-grade students at Harper Middle School were working in the Middle Room, which was the science classroom. A beaker of boiling water mysteriously overflowed, causing a large amount of hot steam to injure five of the students. They were treated for minor burns on their hands, face, and neck. All five of the students are now okay. 

A spokesperson from the school mentioned that no chemicals were inside the beakers. (Although, H2O can be considered a chemical.) The science teacher refused to comment on the mysterious accident.

 However, the eighth-grade students at Harper Middle School understand the dangers of doing projects in science class…which is also the Middle Room. 

Where is the Middle Room in your middle school? What kind of strange things have happened? Let me know by leaving a comment. 

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