Middle School Paranormal Activity: Sandy Run Middle School, Dresher, PA

Every middle school in the world has a Middle Room with terrifying powers, causing paranormal events to happen at the school. Students from all over the world have sent me stories that prove the Middle Room haunts middle schoolers. 

Two sixth-grade boys entered an elevator, which was the Middle Room at Sandy Run Middle School. One of the boys had been previously injured and needed to use crutches made of aluminum. 

When the boys hit the lower button, the elevator lights began to flicker, followed by a violent shake. The malfunction became worse when the elevator plummeted twenty feet down the shaft. 

When it landed, the jolt was so violent it partially collapsed the roof into the elevator and almost crushed the students. One of the crutches that the injured boy had, severely warped from the crash. 

Investigators have been searching for reasons on why the elevator malfunctioned, but have yet to come up with any answers. 

As for the students, they know exactly what happened. The Middle Room came alive. 

Where is the Middle Room in your middle school? What kind of strange things have happened? Let me know by leaving a comment. 

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