Encouraging Students

A teacher had been working hard with her students, but noticed that they began to wear down and become unmotivated. The teacher decided to put away her lessons and try something new, just for the day. 

“Okay, I want all of you to take out a sheet of paper,” she said. “Draw a line down the middle. On the left side of the line, I want you to write down every students name in the classroom. On the right side of the line, I want you to write one or two things that you like about the each student.” 

The class spent the next hour on this strange assignment. After the students finished, they handed in their sheet. 

That night, the teacher wrote a student’s name on a fresh piece of paper, then jotted down all the nice things the class said about that student. She continued doing this with every student in the class. 

The next day, she handed out the papers. All the students were beaming, as they read the nice things that were said about them. The students were laughing, looking at each other’s papers, and filled with renewed confidence and energy. 

Some of the students had saved that piece of paper to this day. As adults, they still look at it from time to time, whenever they need a confidence boost. 

Ron Knight 

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