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A high school principal decided to place the top three teachers in the school with the top 30% of students. This way, the best teachers can be teaching the best students. 

The entire school waited as the principal went over reports, deciding which teachers and students would be chosen for this unique program. The principal announced the three teachers, along with the top 30% of the students, and put them together in three classrooms. 

On the first day, the principal said to these advanced teachers and students, “You have been chosen because of your conduct, your achievements, and most of all, your abilities. I expect all three of these classes to go above and beyond the normal curriculum.” 

The students and teachers lived up to that challenge. At the end of the year, they excelled in every subject and were influential examples to the other teachers and students. 

On the last day of school, the principal made a special announcement. “I wanted to let everyone know my method of choosing the three teachers and 30% of the students to participate in the advanced program. I put all the teachers’ names in a hat and drew three names. Then, I chose the 30% students at random.” He paused, then said, “Have a wonderful summer break.” 

The chosen teachers and students excelled, because the principal stated that they were the best. When you allow someone to feel special, while giving them positive expectations, nothing can hold them back from greatness… 

Ron Knight 

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