N9NE Teen Ghosts Preview

N9NE Teen Ghosts

By Ron Knight 

This book is dedicated to nine teens that had to overcome the horror of having their own ghost drag them to the grave. 

The names of the students, along with their school, have been changed in order to protect their identity. 


September 9th, 1999 

Doing eighty miles an hour, Ben’s father wrenched the steering wheel to the left, causing the pickup truck to flip over. Ben was nine-years-old, sitting in the middle; father on the left, his mother on the right.

The truck bounced off the highway, then spun in the air, rolling endlessly on the pavement.

Metal scrunched into Ben’s body. Glass from the windshield shattered into his eyes. Muscles snapped like a rubber band and stretched beyond its limits. Bones cracked, severed, and tore through his skin.

 The truck had compressed Ben and his father’s skulls against each other.  Both their eyes open. Father gazing at his son. Blood leaking from their bodies.

Behind Ben, his mother let out a horrific scream, followed by choking sounds, ending in silence. Ben could not move. Metal and glass punctured through his skin and thrust into his muscles. A bloody tear escaped from his eye.

Ben’s father opened his battered mouth. Most of his teeth had been snatched from the gums. “Please die,” his father groaned. “Please die.”

A gush of hot, evil air, blustered from his father’s mouth, warm on Ben’s face. Their eyes locked as death tugged on their souls. Voices faded. Sirens became distant. Ben no longer felt the breath from his father. His dead stare unforgiving, yet, pleading to be released from his burden of guilt.


The nine ghosts swirled from the graves. They could not taste, or feel. Despite their movements, they suffered as if locked in chains, screaming into the night air, begging to be made whole.



For nine teens to die.

The ghosts needed those nine teens to perish and join the afterlife. Until that moment, the ghosts would be trapped.

Each ghost had a specific colorful light, which represented its horror.

 The first ghost had an orange glow. It enjoyed clouded mirrors, rejection, dreariness, and killing others with flames.

 The second ghost, faded yellow. It moved in the shadows of sunlight and took pleasure in betrayal and trickery, while eating the bodies of jealous cowards.

 The third ghost, gray like oil spilt on a polluted river. It caused depression, gloom, and uncertainty.

The fourth ghost, hazy blue. It is the void in which all life must surrender.

The fifth ghost, the color of brown mud. It chased those that ran in fear, dragging them into the dirt until their soul became an unassuming nature.

The sixth ghost, hunter green. It decays the minds of youth, transforming them into seekers.

The seventh ghost, dull pink. It benefited from the taste of female flesh, while softening the skin until it falls off the bones.

The eighth ghost, purple like moldy raisins. It seeks justice, wealth, and the pride of others.

The ninth ghost, tarnished red. It craved fire, war, and blood.

 Clouded mirrors.

Killing others with flames.

Moving in the shadows of sunlight.


A void in which all life must surrender.


Souls becoming an unassuming nature.


Softening the skin until it falls off the bones.



These are the nine teen ghosts. 

Coming this fall…N9NE Teen Ghosts, by Ron Knight, a Psychological Thriller for Teens

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