Book Scavenger Hunt

With a consecutive streak of Florida summer rainy days, I had to get my four kids out of the house before they went berserk. I decided to take them to BAM (Books-A-Million) and setup a scavenger hunt to keep them busy for an hour. (I have three middle schoolers and one high schooler.) 

I made a list of twenty books they needed to find. The books were all different types of authors and genres. Once they located a book, they were to take a picture of it. 

The kids had fun doing this, plus, there was an added benefit. They were introduced to new authors, different types of books, and became familiar with each section of the bookstore. 

After the Book Scavenger Hunt, the kids stayed in the store and continued taking pictures of “Cool book covers,” and they read the first chapter of several books that they found interesting, as they decided which books they wanted to read. 

The Book Scavenger Hunt can also be used in libraries, school media centers, and even in stores like Target. I suggest that the kids be tweens, or teens, so you do not have to watch them every second. 

Part of the fun is the freedom they have to discover books on their own, without me standing over their shoulder and making suggestions. 

Ron Knight 

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