Psychological Thrillers: The Next Genre Craze

My books are in the psychological thriller genre for grades 4th, 5th, middle school, high school, and adults. 

A psychological thriller is a heart-pumping mystery, a semi-dark format, a mind-game storyline, with villains that can be anyone, anything, or any emotion, which creates a setting for characters that skirts the line between what is real and what is possibly real. 

There are several reasons to use Psychological Thrillers. 

~ Create intensity and emotions in the story rather than writing a book that is so dark, it may offend others, especially students, teachers, and/or parents. 

~ The reader can better relate to the characters and setting, because the story is believable. 

~ Conflict in the story is both personal and global. The story connects to the reader on a personal level, along with connecting to the daily life of the reader. 

~ Sub-characters unwillingly become a hindrance to the main characters. This shows the reader how to solve problems, even when it seems the solutions are limited. 

~ Believable fiction, which results in conversation. I want readers discussing the story, during and after they read the book. 

~ The reader is entertained and taught something new

~ And most importantly, in all of my books, the reader actually becomes a character in the story!


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