Paranormal Activity: Brooklyn Middle School, Brooklyn, Ohio

Every Middle School has a Middle Room

A room that changes how you think…

How you feel

A room with a villain

A place that every middle schooler should avoid

Welcome to the Middle Room

A psychological thriller, for middle schoolers…by Ron Knight

Seventy-five years ago, an eighth-grade student named John had been killed in a car wreck, on the last day of school, right after the eighth-grade ceremony. The eighth grade students moved on to high school, but John has remained behind to haunt the Middle Room at Brooklyn Middle School, searching for bullies that pick on students that are shy.

There is also a ghost named Clarence that was sent by the Middle Room to haunt the hallways of the middle school and assist John with the girl bullies.

Where is the Middle Room in your middle school? What kind of strange things have happened? Let me know by leaving a comment.

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