Saving Lillian Bay (Excerpt)

Millions of dollars, endless prayers, and several miracles were needed to save her life. She did not understand medical reports, or the odds of living. She has not been on this earth long enough to grasp the idea of fighting with all her strength.

No one would expect a newborn child to understand the whisper in her ear, as her father tells his daughter, “I love you. And I will do everything I can to save you.”

Fate placed her father in a position to raise the millions needed for medical expenses. It was nothing short of God-like, as the right people were in the right place, at the right time. A community came together, refusing to give up. Even the circumstances that led to this book went beyond a fluke, chance, or coincidence. Like everything that occurred to this point, it was spiritual.

God will show us a community of family and friends that pulled their resources together with unselfish love to save a child’s life. We will be shown a father that refused to let his daughter be taken from this world.

Most importantly, we will be shown a little girl that does not comprehend wisdom, love, or faith, and yet, displays those gifts with each breath.

Today, and everyday, let us humble ourselves…and be like this child.

This is the story of Lillian Bay…

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