1984: Thoughts

Truth verses realty. Freedom verses self-determination. The power of suggestion. These are the basis of a human society and the theme of 1984, by George Orwell. 

Orwell wrote this story as a warning of the importance of individual freedoms and how easily that freedom can be taken away.  However, it is our freedom that gives us the choice to believe in that warning, or disregard and pray for a world that is controlled by one government. As Orwell said in 1984, “In the face of pain, there are no heroes.”

The very definition of freedom is the choice to be free, which includes any situation, circumstance, or the preference of government. “Liberty of action.” This means to achieve freedom, we must be able to act on any decision without fear of persecution, or restriction.


A Utopia world is an imagined perfect place. There is nothing wrong with the human race imagining a perfect world, or even striving for a perfect world. And there is nothing wrong with the government imagining a perfect world for us to live.

However, a perfect world cannot be achieved, since the viewpoints of billions of people are different and the viewpoint of each body of government throughout the world, along with its individual leaders, are all different. It is impossible to say that the entire world would someday be able to agree on what is perfect.

This is the primary danger that George Orwell is attempting to explain in 1984. The mere action of achieving perfection can be our ultimate downfall. In fact, we would create a Negative-Utopia World.

That kind of thinking would eliminate our past. And a key word for this to happen is “control.” Control will steal our imagination and creativity.

It would take away our purpose to live.

But how could one person, in one government, convince an entire world that a Utopia

World could exist?

Suggested Fear

An example of where two credible sources attempted to deceive people was during the Wood Green Ricin Plot. Terrorists attacked a London Underground with ricin poison. The Public Health Director urged the public not to be alarmed that people had not been poisoned by ricin. The government backed this claim. And so did the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory who also claimed the public was safe. However, the media posted warnings that the public was NOT safe. The people believed the media, which proves the influence of fear is the most powerful and credible suggestion of all.

“He who controls the past, controls the future. He who controls the present, controls the past.”

Ron Knight

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