Inexpensive Date Night

DateThese days it’s difficult to find something to do with your mate that doesn’t cost a lot of money. I read all the time about going to the park, beach, or even walking around Target as a cheap date night. Those things are great, but there’s another option I want you to consider.

The theatre.

I know that your first reaction to reading that line was, “The theatre? That’s way too expensive!”

That’s true, but I’m not talking about going downtown and paying $60 per ticket at a fancy theatre. Instead, check out a high school theatre play for about $8 a ticket. Here are several reasons:

~ The talent in high school theatre has gone to another level. You will be amazed at the young actors and thoroughly entertained.

~ Remember that actors are not all forty-years-old. Many actors are gifted teenagers.

~ Most high schools perform plays that are popular on Broadway.

~ Some performances are musicals and some are just acting, giving you a variety of entertainment.

~ The plays usually run on three different days, so you have several choices. If you enjoy the play enough you can go all three times. In live acting, things are different with each performance.

At North Port High School, you and your date can win a backstage tour after the performance. It’s awesome to stand on stage and see things from the actor’s point of view.

As your tour continues, you will see the massive workshop where props are built, areas where the assistant stage managers run the show, dressing rooms, and much more!

So the next time you’re looking for something different to do on a date, check out a high school play.

It’s the one time you can tell someone, “Break a leg!”

Ron Knight

If you would like a backstage tour at the next North Port High School Play, email me at authorronknight@aol.com

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