Excerpt from Devils Windpipe

DevilsWindpipeThe world needs an occurrence of evil so that we may pledge a resolution to subdue the unsettled phantom that emerges at our bedside.

That’s quite a mouthful and a little hard to swallow for a new book. Here’s what it means.

Evil doesn’t always hide in the dark, or the shadows of alleyways. Evil can sometimes approach, introduce itself, then act in a manner to prove how dominate it is over our lives.

So what can we do? I believe you and I are already doing it. We pledge each day to find a solution to evil and subdue its power over us and the ones we love. We even pray that evil won’t harm others, including the people that we do not know. However…

The phantom is unsettled.

Evil doesn’t like to be taken away. It emerges when we are weak. I believe that evil loves to stand at our bedside when we are asleep. How much more vulnerable can a person be?

Evil will tap on your shoulder when you least expect it. Evil is an electric razor that goes off in the bathroom while you are watching television. It breathes. It has arms and legs. It has the sweet scent of garbage baking in the sun.

When you want to escape, evil will hold you down and pin you into a helpless position. If you are taking a shower, evil will push its way into the steam of the water.

The black figure will cross over your body when sitting at the dinner table. It is frigid on her feet, yet burning your fingertips. It moves your socks around in the dresser. It rattles pieces of paper. A door will open and you will resist the feeling that you know to be true.

Evil is walking in.

It is a gateway, an opening to fear. It is when reality and unconsciousness meet in a perfect moment of eye fluttering dreams. It is exhausting, yet pumps your veins with great urgency.

It is there.

It is here.

It is exactly where you think it is.

Being by yourself will sharpen your sympathy, because you know that evil has spent many nights alone with those that are helpless.

840 feet away, evil will always lurk. Be aware of that distance, but do not search for what is following you.

Evil will sense your fear and use it as an invitation to rip apart what sanity you have left.

It is above.

It is below.

It is the message of which you hold.

The world needs an occurrence of evil.

We must pledge a resolution to subdue and unsettle the phantom that emerges at our bedside.

Along with the bedsides of others.

This is your Revelation. Believe in these words, because fiction and reality have drifted to a place in which I cannot seem to find anymore…

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