Behind the Scenes: King of Pop

ablog“If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.” ~ Michael Jackson

Jackson suffered from Body Dysmorphic Disorder. This is a type of mental illness in which the person is constantly worried about their body image. (This could happen to anyone.)

Here is a behind the scenes look at what Michael Jackson dealt with towards the end of his life:

Obsessive thoughts about appearance. New outfits were not enough for Jackson. When his health began to fail, Jackson decided he needed an entire new body.

Compulsive behaviors. Jackson made choices emotionally and with an irrational mindset based on tabloid accusations.

Major depression disorder symptoms. As a child Jackson had felt alone and searched in the dark of night for someone to discuss his problems, along with talking about his future. Jackson never found such a person and he continued searching his entire life as if he had been walking alone in the darkness.

Delusional thoughts and beliefs. Success, scandals, and being a child at heart prevented Jackson from fully understanding his circumstances.

Isolation. Being the most popular musician on the planet made Jackson actually feel cut off from a normal conversation that most people can have everyday.

Social phobia. Yes, the King of Pop had social phobia. It makes you wonder what Jackson had to go through just to step on a stage. It also explains his limited interviews.

Panic attacks. Waves of stress and uncertainty overwhelmed Jackson to the point that it made him physically ill.

Chronic low self-esteem. This perhaps started as a child in direct connection of how Jackson was treated by his father. It didn’t seem enough to be loved by millions of fans. Jackson wanted his father to love him like a son, not an entertainer.

Thoughts of mocking by others. No one could be the King of Pop, so his jealous enemies were everywhere.

Feelings of shame. Perhaps Jackson regretted being so close to other families, especially the children. Or maybe he felt shameful at how distraught his personal life had become which also damaged his career.

Avoiding leaving home. Neverland Ranch was built because Jackson didn’t want to face the world. He created a safe environment where he could just be himself without distractions.

Dependent on others. Jackson was dependent on others to make him feel good, but also isolated himself from others…something had to give.

Inability to work or focus on a career due to preoccupation with appearance. Jackson could not focus on music because he had become too focused on his appearance. At some point, Jackson should have let others judge him solely by his talent.

Problems initiating and maintaining relationships and friendships. Jackson’s two divorces were nothing compared to his inability to initiate relationships with those that could save Jackson from the mudslide of issues.

Alcohol and/or drug abuse. Jackson turned to drugs several times throughout his life. When having success, many doors of opportunity are open, including the doors to an unlimited about of drugs and medications.

Repetitive behavior. Jackson constantly applied makeup to disguise the ugliness of his disease.

Seeing various self-images when looking into the mirror. Any reflective surface that Jackson looked into, he did not see talent, beauty, or a person that influenced an entire music industry. The more he drastically changed his appearance, the further away he became from what made him Michael Jackson.

Perfectionism. Jackson demanded perfection and made those around him better with his talent.

When Jackson made his appearance the priority, other things became important such as cosmetic procedures and excessive makeup.

A home called Neverland Ranch had become more of a fictitious dream than a reality.

Ron Knight
“The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work.” ~ Michael Jackson

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