Solving the Reading Problem

9 Minute Books logoIt’s a problem that has to be solved…a wrong that needs to be made right.

With information being shared on the Internet using entertaining short burst content and pictures, it has disrupted the new generation of reader. No longer is reading for pleasure something that is common.

We need to change the way we write and publish books, making them faster.

We need to create 9 Minute Books.

Don’t limit the idea that 9 Minute Books are based on time; it’s a new style of book, a new genre, and a way to revolutionize the simplicity and beauty of a story.

There’s people that say eBooks are better than printed books, Google is better than libraries, Amazon is better than bookstores, required reading is better than reading for fun, traditional publishing is better than self-publishing.

However, better isn’t getting it done. Reading for pleasure has dropped to an all-time low, especially with teenagers.

We don’t need better…we need different. We need 9 Minute Books.

We may only have one more opportunity to bring back reading for fun…twenty years of plummeting reading skills can be solved in 9 minutes.

It’s not the idea of selling 9 Minute Books, but rather focusing on what can be accomplished by reading 9 minutes a day. This will lead us away from poverty and direct us towards wealth.

9 Minute Books go beyond knowledge. It is wisdom, which produces unique ideas that can change the world.

Knowledge has become difficult and complicated, yet the wisdom gained from short burst reading has a value that will not have limits or an end.

The world can change for the better if we devote just 9 minutes a day to reading for fun…

Ron Knight

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