“I’m Terrified of Clowns, Elevators, the Dark, Mirrors, Dolls, and Spiders”

GOD 22Based on true events…

The names have been changed to protect their identity…



Mary Rainee, Age 15


Coulrophobia (Fear of clowns)

Claustrophobia (Fear of small spaces)

Agoraphobia (Fear of panicking)


Dr. Flooding


Mary will be forced to deal with her fears.


A recording of Dr. Flooding during his treatment with Mary Rainee.

Dr. Flooding: “How long have you been afraid of clowns?”

Mary: “I don’t know…since middle school I think.”

Dr. Flooding: “What’s so scary about clowns?”

Mary: “It’s impossible to know who is behind the mask. Is it an alien? A serial killer? Or just a person trying to be funny?”

Dr. Flooding: “Why are you afraid of small spaces?”

Mary: “I feel trapped.”

Dr. Flooding: “We are going to cure you today. It’s a radical treatment that I created to shock your mind and force you to overcome your fears.”

Mary: “How?”

Dr. Flooding: “I’m going to strap you to a chair inside an elevator with a clown next to you.”


Mary entered the elevator and sat down in the wooden chair. Dr. Flooding used leather straps to tie her arms and legs to the chair.

Dr. Flooding: “There, that should do it.”

Mary wiggled in the chair, attempting to move her arms and legs. “I can’t do this. Take off these straps!”

Dr. Flooding walked out of the elevator. “No way. You need to deal with these fears.”

The elevator door closed, then a few seconds later, opened again with a loud, DING!

A clown stood at the opening, wearing a white mask with rosy red cheeks, thick red lips, and a blue circle around each eye. The hair looked like it had been rolled in dirt and was once the color of green. The outfit was a typical clown costume, with big red hands and blue shoes that looked like massive bubbles.

Mary pulled with all of her strength, but couldn’t break her hands free.

The clown stepped inside the elevator, gazed at Mary for a moment, then slammed his large glove against the elevator buttons.

As the door closed, the clown turned and stared at Mary.


Mary’s scream was so loud that her voice bounced off the elevator walls and rang in her ears.

The clown stepped forward, lowered its head, moving just inches away from Mary’s face.

“Get away from me!”

The clown didn’t budge.

Mary twisted in the chair, feeling the sting from the leather straps on her arms and legs. “Get me out of here! Get me out of here!”

Suddenly, the lights went out.

Mary screamed so loud that she almost passed out. Sweat drizzled down her face and into her eyes. The elevator seemed as if it had stopped moving, but the door didn’t open.

Where was the clown? Was it still right in front of her?

A voice appeared from a speaker. “Mary, this is Dr. Flooding. I know that you’re frightened, but you must deal with this.”

“I want out of here! Now!”

“No, Mary. You’re going to stay.”

The clown whispered in her ear. “Don’t worry…I won’t hurt you.”



Bobby Garrison, Age 16


Nyctophobia (Fear of the dark)

Spectrophobia (Fear of mirrors)


Dr. Flooding


Bobby will be forced to deal with his fears.



Bobby had gone through a quick interview with Dr. Flooding. Next, Dr. Flooding used leather straps to secure Bobby’s hands and legs to the wooden chair. Under the chair was some sort of circular metal piece.

The room had walls made of rusty metal. On the lower part of each wall was a large metal hook.

“What is this place?” Bobby asked.

Dr. Flooding ignored the question and left the room. He returned a few minutes later carrying four mirrors. He placed a mirror on each wall, which was low enough to show Bobby’s reflection.

Dr. Flooding smiled at Bobby. “You can spin around in the chair.”

Bobby couldn’t move his feet, but he was able to shift his weight to move the chair in a circle. Each mirror on the wall showed his terrified expression.

Bobby: “This is messed up. Untie these straps.”

Dr. Flooding: “Not a chance. You have to deal with your fears. This is the only way.”

Bobby: “Forget that! Let me go!”

Dr. Flooding left the room, closing the door behind him.

The lights dimmed until it was just about black.

Bobby spun in the chair, barely able to see his reflection on each wall. As time passed, the reflection began to change.

“Help!” Bobby screeched. His voice recoiled off the metal walls. He noticed the mirrors with his reflection, like ghosts screaming with pain.

The reflections began to change. The face was no longer of Bobby.

Four different reflections seemed anxious to leap from the mirror and attack Bobby while he remained defenseless in the chair.



Sheila Maydan, Age 13


Pediophobia (Fear of dolls)

Arachnophobia (Fear of spiders)


Dr. Flooding


Sheila will be forced to deal with her fears.


The room Sheila had been placed was a dusty attic with one small window, covered with mud. The floor creaked as she walked in and sat on the wooden chair.

Dr. Flooding strapped her to the chair and formed a grin. “It’s good that you are dealing with your fears.”

Sheila: “I haven’t done anything yet. I’m in this stupid room, sitting in this stupid chair, and it appears that I’m stupid enough to allow someone to strap me to the chair so I can’t move.”

Dr. Flooding: “Okay, well, I need to get something. I’ll be right back.”

He returned a few minutes later with a large trunk.

Sheila gazed at the trunk, feeling her heart rate speeding up. “What’s inside there?”

Dr. Flooding opened the trunk, then looked at Sheila. “You know what’s inside.”

Sheila squirmed in the chair. “A porcelain doll?”

Dr. Flooding: “Yep.”

Sheila: “And a big spider.”

Dr. Flooding: “Very good. You’re not as stupid as you think.”

Sheila attempted to break her arms free, but it was useless. “I changed my mind!”

Dr. Flooding reached into the trunk and pulled out the doll.

Sheila’s eyes became wide with fear…the doll looked exactly like her.

Suddenly, a spider crawled out of the trunk and headed for Sheila. Dr. Flooding placed the doll on the floor and leaned it up against the trunk.

Dr. Flooding: “Okay, good luck with your treatment.”

Sheila grunted while tugging with her arms and legs.

The doll that looked just like her gazed with dead eyes.

The spider crawled closer.



Mary Rainee…

The elevator lights turned on, showing the clown standing next to Mary. She wrenched her body to the right, then hard to the left. She moved her hips up and down with little hops.

Suddenly, the chair began to crack.

Mary continued doing this as the bottom leg broke and the chair began to break apart.

The clown inched forward, reaching out with its big hands.

Mary pulled her hands and legs free, lunged at the elevator buttons, pressing the first floor.

The elevator jerked, knocking both her and clown off balance. Together, they hit the floor as the elevator moved downward. Mary kicked her legs, hitting the clown in the mask and stomach.


The elevator came to a quick stop and the door opened.

Mary scrambled to her feet and escaped.

She was in a long hallway, located a door and went inside. It was a dark room, but she kept moving forward, slamming into something.

It was another person.

Mary screamed and turned her body away, making it to her feet.

She then saw her own reflection. She turned, seeing her reflection again. Her face looked insane as her eyes changed with each time she turned.

“Help me,” a voice said from below. “Please, help.”

Mary blinked several times, seeing a teenage boy strapped to a wooden chair, lying sideways on the floor. She kneeled down, undid the straps, and the both of them escaped.

“What’s your name?” Mary asked.


“Do you have any idea where to go?”

“Let’s take the stairs. I’m not going down the hallway towards Dr. Flooding’s office.”

Mary agreed and they took the stairs all the way to the top. They opened the door, seeing a teenage girl strapped to a chair with a spider crawling up her leg.

A porcelain doll was leaning up against a trunk on the floor.

The girl looked at Mary and Bobby with tears drizzling from her eyes. “Please…get me out of here.”

Mary swallowed a lump of fear. “What’s your name?”


“Okay, Sheila. I’m Mary, this is Bobby…we’re going to help you.”

To be continued…

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