Which Color is Your Ghost?

Girl with bookWhat color is your ghost?

Remember, your ghost will not choose your favorite color, but rather a color that represents your dark side.

Using the list below, choose your ghost based on your ghastly emotions and feelings. This is the ghost that will most likely haunt you. (See below for more.)

Also, by knowing the color that it projects, you can begin to see the ghost more clearly.

Red Ghost: Short Tempered

Green Ghost: Jealous

Purple Ghost: Needy

Yellow Ghost: Coward

Orange Ghost: Criticizes Others

Brown Ghost: Avoids Problems

Blue Ghost: Lacks Focus

Gray Ghost: Gloomy

Pink Ghost: Cruel

“If you continue searching for your ghost…it will find you.” ~ Ron Knight

This book is dedicated to nine teens that had to overcome the horror of having their own ghost drag them to the grave.

Names of the students along with their school have been changed in order to protect their identity.

N9NE Teen Ghosts

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