Decisions Young Adults Make When Terrified

d v g Halloween20 staff members who work at Dr. Doom’s Fearfall in Orlando, FL decided to take a road trip to Texas. They loaded up in a party bus and off they went.

Big Mistake.

While in Texas, they discovered an old bridge. Instead of turning around, they proceeded forward and the bus went dead, right on the bridge.

What happened next became pure horror.

What would you do if stuck on an old bridge in the middle of nowhere? What if there were strange noises outside? Would you leave the bus?

Probably not, but making that decision isn’t easy. What choice do you have? You’re not going anywhere on the bus, so using your two feet is the next logical option.

If you want to know what happened, check out this true story, Doom vs. The Goatman! (You can also watch the trailer here on this blog!)

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