9 Minute Horror Story: I Can See for Miles

I Can See for Miles

p 18“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” ~ Jonathan Swift

Based on a true story…

There are currently over two thousand active serial killers in the United States. Let that sink in for a moment.

Ryan Day walked into work with his black shades that were dark as the ink you’re reading. He held out his cane and masterfully made it to the time clock. With the help from the manager, he punched in.

It doesn’t matter where Ryan Day worked. In fact, mentioning the job would embarrass the business who let things quickly spin out of control in the matter of a week.

Most of the staff guessed he was just like them, in his early twenties, willing to suffer at a ten dollar an hour job to get through school, or survive without having to live with his parents.

However, the staff couldn’t get past Ryan Day’s thick black shades and the use of his cane to find his way around.

He was different. That simple fact caused confusion, followed by gossip, leading into verbal abuse.

Of course, no one made fun of him within earshot. If Ryan Day was close, they whispered.

Also Ryan Day wasn’t just some average kid. He had arms and a chest made of solid muscle. If Ryan Day could see, he would kick the crap out of anyone who worked with him.

Actually, what they didn’t know was that Ryan Day could see perfectly through his thick black shades.

He was just a great actor.

And a serial killer…


On Friday the entire staff was heading to the local bar as usual for a few drinks before going home. Ryan Day was invited. Based on the snickers and gestures, it was to make fun of him a little more.

It may be a bit baffling how anyone can be so cruel to someone, but think about the people you work with, go to school with, and even your closest friends. You’ll agree that cruelty is all around us.


Nine staff members ended up going to the bar. As for Ryan Day, he went home, tossed his thick black shades on the bed, looked in the mirror, then smiled.

He shed his clothes until he was completely naked. He opened his closet, moved the secret panel on the rear wall and walked inside.

This was Ryan Day’s favorite spot. A chair with a stack of books on the floor. On the wall hung black cotton slacks, long sleeve black shirt and a black leather jacket.

In the top drawer of a nightstand he kept in the corner was a pair of black socks and a pair of brown leather gloves. (Why brown? No idea. It’s what he used.)


After Ryan Day replaced the rear wall in the closet, he entered the bedroom and scooped up his shades from the bed, slipped them on, then took one last look at himself in the mirror.


He headed out the door and began his three mile stroll to the local bar. It was a crisp night with a clear sky full of stars, lit by the brilliance of the moon.

Ryan Day was in good spirits. He had done this many times at several different workplaces around the country, but for some reason he was really looking forward to killing some his fellow staff members tonight.


By the time he would arrive at the bar, they should be sloppy drunk.

He pulled in a deep breath, letting the cold air swirl inside his nose, down his throat, into his chest, then expelled it into the night.

Ryan Day had killed before with a knife, hammer, thick wire, and his favorite, poisoning the coffee. However tonight, he was going to be more hands on.



When Ryan Day arrived at the bar, he noticed Astro peeing on the side of the building. Astro was three hundred pounds and wheezed when he walked up stairs.

Ryan Day approached and kindly waited for Astro to finish relieving himself.

Astro zipped up, turned and stumbled back into his own puddle of golden liquid. “Ryan. What the hell are you doing? Are you lost? The bar entrance is over there.” He pointed to the right.

Ryan cocked his head.

Astro stepped forward out of the yellow puddle. “Oh that’s right. You can’t see. Come this way.”

As Astro reached his hand out, Ryan punched Astro in the heart. Astro stumbled back, face turning blue, falling to his knees.

Ryan lowered his shades and smiled, watching as Astro clutched his chest with both hands, then fall back into his pool of urine.

Astro had one more gulp of air and became silent.


Now it was time to deal with the people inside the bar. There were two different ways Ryan could do this. He could patiently kill one at a time in a restroom or outside in the parking lot.

The second option was more appealing and sinister.

Ryan adjusted his shades and casually walked into the bar. He noticed Alley first, who turned and faced him with a fresh drink in her hand.

She actually waved with a mixture of confusion and genuine happiness to see him. Alley then lowered her hand, knowing Ryan couldn’t see her.

The rest of staff members in the bar looked in his direction, probably wondering how Ryan was able to show up without some sort of escort.

Ryan moved quickly past the round tables, grabbed the drink from Alley’s hand, sucked it down, then smashed the glass at the end of the bar.

He held a chunk of the glass and swiped it across Alley’s neck. A stream of blood formed a necklace as Alley’s eyes became wide with fear.

Ryan tossed the chunk of glass to the floor, reached down and grabbed Alley by the ankles, yanking her with such strength, her head smacked against the bar and broke a piece that went flying into the air, landing on the bartender.

No one moved.


How was that possible? Not one single person attempted to help Alley. Maybe it was because she’s already dead. Maybe the entire scene of watching her being murdered in just a few seconds froze them with fear.

Ryan proceeded to drag Alley by the ankles, walking backwards until he exited the bar, leaving a bloody trail on the way.


Eventually the bartender called the police and a manhunt was one the way, searching for Ryan. However, it was discovered that his entire identity was an alias.

Ryan Day, or whatever his real name, was never caught.

Police do believe he’s working somewhere else, pretending to have some sort of handicap.

You have now completed this 9 minute story…

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