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Youth Author Program

The Youth Author Program is for students that love writing stories, poetry, and drawing pictures, while exploring different ways to enjoy reading books. In addition, YAP will provide opportunities for students and teachers, along with increasing the book selection in classrooms. (For grades 3rd through 5th and middle school.)  YAP Events  Classrooms need a larger …

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Alta Vista Elementary: Every child successful…everyday.

Alta Vista caught my attention, because they have so many programs to assist their students along with my favorite subject: Aspiring Youth Authors.  Here are just a couple examples for this summer:  The Flying Eagles Program: Teachers provide intensive instruction for reading and math. This is for all students entering third grade and is based …

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Help Teachers: Adopt a Classroom!

So many teachers have to spend time and money on resources for their students and classrooms. And when I say time and money, I mean that the teachers are dipping into their own finances.  The Scholastics program offers many suggestions, such as thrift stores, garage sales, and book-order clubs. Or, the teachers can work out …

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